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Price/Costs PER PAGE + Explained

Additional cost for graduate/masters/phd level work will be applied.

The price of the assignments are calculated based upon how many pages are needed to be completed, as well as; the amount of time or "notice" given before its due date.

For Example: if someone has a 10 page assignment due in 15 days.

The cost would be 10 pages. $20 x 10 pages = $200. The deposit is half, $100.

BUT if the same person has the same paper due, but only gave an 8 hours notice... the cost would be 10 pages for $40 each. $40 X 10 pages = $400. The deposit is half, $200

The + next to pricing symbolizes extra cost that may be charged. (whether the customer needs a movie to be watched, book to be read, creation of excel spreadsheets, etc.)


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A HUGE thank you for taking that class and getting a "A" I REALLY APPRECIATE IT! If i need anything know I will be reaching out again! and referring anyone if they are looking :)

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I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for an essay! Huge help and right on time!

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