Hey everyone, I'm Tramiah (yes, the girl from TikTok!) As my company has continued to grow this semester, I have a need for additional help with assignments. I want to continue to provide my clients with quality work, without having to limit the number of orders that I am able to handle a day. This means, more availability for clients while still being able to provide 80% and above on all assignments.


Role expectations:

-Great time management skills with the ability tot meet hard deadlines

-Knowledge of popular citation formats including, but not limited to APA7, MLA9, and Chicago

-Ability to communicate in a professional manner

-Access to a reliable computer or laptop, cell phone, and the application Telegram

-Ability tot respond in a timely manner

-Ability to take criticism from the company's editor and make proper adjustments on work

-Ability to create work that can be scanned for plagiarism and receive a score of 15% or less matching



Apply Here: https://fs29.formsite.com/8Aaxph/rw7rbsm3mo/index.html